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About Ariba gold

Years ago, the founders of Ariba Gold, who have been playing Runescape for many years,
asked themselves a question:”Why is it so difficult to earn gold when playing Runescape?”
As runescape players, they already spend plenty of precious time grinding their skills, quests
and bosses and earning Runescape gold wasn’t very easy. For many new players, it can be
a hefty grind to start from scratch all the way to the end game bossing. Ariba Gold believes
you should have the option to skip this early game grind and save yourself time and stress
by simply purchasing the gold you need. Whether it is for that armour upgrade you’ve been
looking for, that final skill to train or to start from scratch: Ariba Gold got you covered. Not
only do we deliver the gold, but we will do it with a true passion and we will make sure the
process will go smoothly. So if you’re looking to purchase some gold, your search for a
reliable source stops here!

What is Runescape 3?

Runescape 3 is a MMORPG based game on the original runescape series. Runescape 3
officially launched 5 years after the Runescape HD update on July 22 2013. This update
came with new technological enhancements within graphics and audio, new gameplay styles
and much more. This is the latest version of Runescape, besides the 2007 based runescape
called Old School Runescape.

Is it safe to buy RS3 gold?

When you’re buying RS3 gold, the last thing you would want is taking a risk. Here at Ariba
Gold, we assure your safety when you purchase RS3 gold. With years of experience in
buying and selling RS3 gold we have not recieved a single report of a customer that has
gotten a in-game ban or infringement. Because of this we can say with confidence that you
can buy your RS3 gold safely from Ariba Gold. Please follow the given instructions to avoid
any inconveniences or scams during the process of buying your RS3 gold.

RS3 Gold can be used in the video game called Runescape.

Why buy RS3 gold?

Runescape 3 gold is used for many reasons and is a powerful tool to upgrade your account.
By purchasing Runescape 3 gold you save yourself time with the low level, tedious gold
grind and go straight for the higher tier action. By buying runescape 3 gold you help youself
by getting the wealth you need to purchase powerfull armour or upgrade the skills you want
and need. With these skills and gear you can unlock more content and areas, make questing
easier and enjoy the game more overall. So if you are looking to purchase some Runescape
3 gold, follow the step by step guide on how to purchase Runescape 3 gold and make your
(Runescape) dreams come true! Your Runescape succes story starts at

How do I buy RS3 Gold?

1: Visit www.AribaGold.com in your preferred web browser.
2: At the homepage, you will see a drop-down menu titles ‘currency’. Select your preferred
currency to view our products in.
3: Select RS3 from the homepage from here you will be redirected to the RS3 specific
buying page.
4: Enter the amount of RS3 you would like to purchase and our website will generate a price
corresponding to the amount of gold you have entered. If you are happy with the price given
you can proceed by entering your character username in the box provided and hitting the
'Buy now' button.
5: Choose the payment option that you would like to purchase your order with and enter your
email in the box provided, this is also your chance to enter any discount codes you may or
may not have to receive a discounted rate on your purchase. Hit checkout to continue.
6: Once we have verified your payment you will be automatically entered into our 24/7 live
chat where one of our customer sales advisors will complete the details of your order and
arrange to meet with you in the game to deliver your RS3 gold.
Should you buy RS3 gold?

For some players grinding RS3 gold is the key point within the game, and they’ll gladly invest
a lot of time acquiring RS3 gold in order to fulfill their runescape needs. However many
players like to jump straight into the action skipping the grind of acquiring RS3 gold and
freeing up the extra time to do things in-game they enjoy the most, like bossing, PK-ing and
much more. Acquiring a constant flow of RS3 gold is hard without a end game account. This
can take a substantial amount of time to achieve and not everyone has the patience or time
to do this. By purchasing RS3 gold you ease up the leveling, grinding and with this you free
up time to do the things you like or want to explore new content in game which you could not
do before. This will also relieve some stress and make you relax and enjoy the game your

way. The grind for the stats that you want or like, or that gear set you’ve dreamed of as a
child, can be quite time consuming and stressful. Killing that boring boss over and over again
in the hope for a rare drop and slowly consuming your supplies and wealth isn’t the way
everyone wants to play. With a heap of RS3 gold you can skip this process and do the
content you want to do without worrying about your (gold) supplies!
Cheap RS3 Gold

Our main focus at Ariba Gold is providing the cheapest rates of service on the market for
RS3 gold. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to bring you the cheapest RS3 gold available.
But don’t just take our word for it, try out our ‘Price beater’ tool today at
www.aribagold.com/runescape-price-beater#beat and see for yourself!
Even though we are able to bring you the cheapest rates on the market we do not
compromise on the way in which we deliver our services. Our goal is to treat every single
customer, new or old, like a royalty. Our sales people will always to try their best to give you
the best experience possible. That is our promise to you!

How can you spend your RS3 gold?

Are you not sure where you can spend your RS3 gold on? We at Ariba Gold have
experienced players and we asked them what a smart or efficient way is to spend your RS3
gold on. Disclaimer: Reasons to spend gold is different for everyone. This is a general
guideline and is not the only way or reason to spend RS3 gold.
Grand exchange:
Gold can be used on the grand exchange in various ways, you can invest gold into buying
items to ‘merch’ on the grand exchange. This essentially means investing your net worth in
the aim of making profit from popular in-game items. Merchanting can result in high profit
margins from very little work in return. Merchanting comes at a risk and is not always
straightforward. Try looking up a guide on how to merchant in-game efficiently.
Training your skills:
Many of the skills that runescape has to offer involves high volumes of Runescape 3 gold to
be consumed in order to level them. Some of which include: Prayer, construction and
Invention. These skills can be easily leveled to 99 in no time at all given you have the gold to
cover the costs! Buying RS3 gold can give you a much needed boost that your stats have
been crying out for. Faster training methods are also obtainable when you have more gold
than you know what to do with. With the ability to buy higher tier weapons your character
will be able to take on more advanced content that runescape has to offer.
RS3 gold can be spent on purchasing weapons and armors within the game that can
massively improve your ability to take part in end-game content. As a result of this players
are able to generate more gold within the game by receiving rare drops from the end-game
NPC’s & bosses.

Player Killing:

Unless you are extremely skilled and are able to take down your enemies with ease then
player killing can be a costly way to spend your time playing runescape, with supplies to buy
and the chance of losing your own items in the process, player killing doesn’t come cheap.
With an increased amount of RS3 gold you can buy the supplies you need to fuel your
Raiding in RS3 is extremely popular and requires very expensive armors/weapons to be able
to defeat the bosses, With a healthy RS3 cash stack you will be able to buy the weapons
needed to take on the fearsome bosses in the search of their sought after rare drops!
Maybe you like to play runescape for the social aspect of the game or maybe you pride
yourself on your looks by getting that fancy and rare partyhat or that cool barrows dye? With
RS3 gold you are able to buy the items required to make your character stand out from the
rest, showcasing your personality through your runescape character. These items come at a
hefty price. If you want to look the best it won’t come cheap!
Customer Service

Ariba Gold knows how important it is to treat your customers well. Nobody likes to wait untill
they can be helped, or even worse, before you can place an order! That is why we have an
integrated 24/7 live chat facility at your disposal where you can ask any question, complete
orders or claim your earned prizes and any given time. Ariba Gold employees are able to
communicate with any customer in multiple languages to ensure each customer fully
understands the transaction process to avoid any inconviences. Whether you have a query
before, during or after a sale, our dedicated team will assist you tot he best of their ability to
ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.
Every Ariba Gold employees have been checked to be deemed professional, trustworthy
indivuduals, so you are one hundered percent sure that each purchase of RS3 gold will be
handled by an upstanding member of the Runescape community.
We want to provide you a smooth, risk-free enviroment so if you’re not familiar yet with our
many ways to pay for your runescape gold, simply visit our methods of payment page to
read and familiarise yourself with the payment options that are currently available. Is your
preferred payment option not listed? Please contact the 24/7
live chat to ask for a solution.
What makes Ariba Gold different from any other

Gold selling site?

Ariba Gold has been at the forefront of all things ‘Runescape’. When it comes to selling
RS3 gold we are in a league of our own.

Our commitment to our customers is second to none, we provide a fast & reliable way for our
customers to buy RS3 gold. With our average delivery time coming in at an impressive 2
minutes after the point of sale.
Here at Ariba Gold, we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver a professional service to all
of our customers. We believe this can be achieved by offering 24/7 customer support. Our
long term goal is to ensure our customers keep coming back. How can we do this you may
This can be done by offering competitive rates of RS3 gold to all of our customers ensuring
you get the best deal for your money. With our hands-on approach to all work undertaken
Ariba Gold adjusts and adapts to meet the demands of our customers.
Not only do we offer the cheapest rates and the best service, we also reward returning
customers by handing out free gold and chances on prizes. By spending an amount of
money, we give you a spin on prize wheel or invite you to our private discord where a lot of
prizes, discounts and more are given out daily! You can chat with other customers, share
your runescape success story and communicate directly with some of our employees. For
more information about the prizes, the discord or anything else, contact our 24/7 live chat
and feel free to ask about it!

Payment methods

At Ariba Gold it is our goal to provide you the most trusted and safe payment methods that
are currently availble. By offering multiple ways to pay via our website we are putting the
power back into customers hands. To find out what payment methods we offer, please read
the list below.
You can use your creditcard like Via, Mastercard etc to pay for your RS3 gold. Instructions
vary per creditcard provider. If you want to purchase RS3 gold with a creditcard, simply
selecht Credit Cards as your preferred payment method to purchase RS3 gold.
PayPal is an American digital bank that allowed customers tos end, recieve and hold funds
in more then 25 currencies worldwide. Funds can be used to send to friends or purchase
services or goods from merchandisers like Ariba Gold. PayPal is a safe and trusted method
worldwide. If you want to purchase RS3 gold with PayPal, simply select PayPal as your
preferred method of payment when purchasing RS3 gold.
Skrill (or Skrill Direct) is an british digital bank that has been making online payments
simple since 2001. With skrill you can deposit funds to spend on good, services or send it to
friends. At Ariba Gold you can use Skrill safely to purchase your RS3 gold needs. To
purchase RS3 gold with Skrill, simply select Skrill as your preferred method of payment
when purchasing RS3 gold.
G2A Pay is an online payment gateway that offers a lot of global and local payment methods
in 1 platform. Due the many possibilities, both merchants and customers have a lot of
options to choose from using this gateway which makes it more accessible for people buying
RS3 gold. To purchase RS3 gold with G2A Pay simply select G2A Pay as your preferred
method of payment when purchasing RS3 gold.

Neteller is a british e-money transfer service used to and from merchants. Neteller can be
used with more then 25 currencies and money can be loaded with more then 40 methods.
To purchase RS3 gold with Neteller, simply select Neteller as your preferred method of
payment when purchasing RS3 gold.
iDeal is used to make online payments in a reliable, secure and easy way. Payments are
commonly done with a mobile banking app or the online banking enviroment of your local
bank. iDeal is a direct online transfer from your bank account tot he corresponding company,
merchandiser etc. To purchase RS3 with iDeal, simply select iDeal as your preferred method
when purchasing RS3 gold.
Klarna Bank AB, more commonly knows as Klarna, is a Swedish bank that provides online
finincial service such as payment solutions from online stores, merchandisers and more. It
also offers direct payments, post purchase payments and more. To pay with Klarna, simply
select Klarna as your preferred method of payment when purchasing RS3 gold.
Unionpay, also knows as China UnionPay, is a chinese bank that provides online banking
and purchases. To purchase RS3 gold with Unionpay, simply select UnionPay as your
preferred method of payment when purchasing RS3 gold.
Giropay is a german internet payment system, based on online banking. This payment
method allowes customers to buy securely on the internet using direct online transfers from
their bank account. To purchase RS3 gold with Giropay, simply select Giropay as your
preferred method of payment when purchasing RS3 gold.
AliPay is China’s most used and trusted third party online payment gateway to provide
customers the easy way to send and recieve payments online. To purchase RS3 gold with
AliPay, simply select AliPay as your prefered method of payment when purchasing RS3
Sofort is a payment method available in 8 european countries and is the most used in
Germany. It is like a digital payment, but it requires an online autorisation from the customer.
To purchase RS3 gold with Sofort, simply select Sofort as your preferred method of payment
when purchasing RS3 gold.
Nordea is a fusion of multiple big banks in Nordic countries. This is a commonly used
payment method in the nordic countries. To purchase RS3 gold with Nordea, simply select
Nordea as your preferred payment method when purchasing RS3 gold.
Western Union is a third party company that can send cash over all over the world without
the use of a bank. To purchase RS3 gold with Western Union, simply select Western Union
as your prefered method when purchasing RS3 gold.
Bank transfer, also known as wire or credit transfer, is a method of electronic funds transfer
from one person to another person, company or merchant. A wire transfer can be made from
one bank account to another person, company etc. If you would like to make a payment with

bank transfer, simply proceed tot he checkout page and enter the corresponding payment
details in order to complete your purchase of RS3 gold.
WebMoney is a online payment settlement system used in Russia. To purchase RS3 gold
with WebMoney, simply select Web Money as your prefered method when purchasing RS3
Yandex is the largest online payment settlement system used in Russia. To purchase RS3
gold with Yandex, simply select Yandex as your prefered method when purchasing RS3
Trustly is a fast, simple and secure way for European consumers to pay directly from their
bank account. To purchase RS3 gold with Trustly, simply select Trustly as your prefered
method when purchasing RS3 gold.

Paysafecard is a prepaid online payment method based on vouchers with a 16-digit PIN
code, independent of bank account, credit card, or other personal information. Customers
can purchase vouchers at local sales outlets and pay online by entering the code at the
checkout. To purchase RS3 gold using Paysafecard, simply select Paysafecard as your
preferred method when purchasing RS3 gold.
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency
without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-
to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. To purchase RS3 gold with
Bitcoin, simply select Bitcoin as your preferred method when purchasing RS3 gold.
Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital
currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on
the peer-to-peer bitcoin cash network without the need for intermediaries. To purchase RS3
gold with Bitcoin Cash, simply select Bitcoin Cash as your preferred method when
purchasing RS3 gold.
Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency
without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-
to-peer Ethereum network without the need for intermediaries. To purchase RS3 gold with
Ethereum, simply select Ethereu as your preferred method when purchasing RS3 gold.
LiteCoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency
without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-
to-peer LiteCoin network without the need for intermediaries. To purchase RS3 gold with
LiteCoin, simply select LiteCoin as your preferred method when purchasing RS3 gold.

Our promise to you

The demand for Runescape gold is at an all time high. This has led to an increase of orders
being processed here at Ariba Gold. As a result of this, Ariba Gold employees have been

given extra training in order to deal with the increased workload to make sure your
experience will be smooth and friendly as possible. We, Ariba Gold, promise you a premium
service to all of our customers at an affordable rate.

Customer reviews

We want the voices of our customers to be heard, so we can appricate the good comments
and learn from your tips to us. Ariba Gold always wants the best for our customers. Ariba
Gold is rated “excellent” with a 9.7 on Trustpilot with 1400+ reviews. We are lucky to have
such kind words being spoken as regards to the services we offer to our customers. On
behalf of Ariba Gold we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of
our customers that has gone out of their way to give us positive feedback.
If you want to write your own review or read other reviews first, you can browse them on the
following websites:
How to prevent being scammed when purchasing

RS3 gold

We at Ariba Gold want to make sure our customers purchase their gold safely. But sadly
there is always a risk of a third party intervening in the transaction. To minimalize the risk,
we want to give you a few instructions and/or tips to avoid getting scammed when
purchasing RS3 gold at Ariba Gold.
1) Always have your friends chat set to ‘Friends’ on RS3 when waiting for your RS3
gold to be delivered. This way imposters won’t be able to message you and try to
manipulate you into thinking they are us.
2) Always revert back to our 24/7 live chat if you have a question, doubt or other issue
when awaiting the delivery of your RS3 gold. Our staff will do their best to solve the
problem as soon and smoothly as possible.
3) Employees of Ariba Gold will NEVER ask for the gold to be returned at any point. If
you recieve any kind of message that implies this, contact an employee at our 24/7
live chat and do not engage a conversation with this imposter.

Other products Ariba Gold has to offer

We at Ariba Gold are thinking of new ways to improve our selection of products all the time
and we listen to your feedback and demands and try our very best to offer more then ‘just
gold’. We are also offering several services besides selling gold. If you are interested in this,
read the list below.
OSRS gold: Ariba gold offers competitive prices on runescape 3 gold with a delivery time
less than 5 minutes from the point of sale! Visit our runescape 3 gold page to find out more!

Account rentals: Are you a in need of an account rental? Maybe you’ve purchased gold and love to
stake but simply don’t have an appropriate staking account? Rent a maxed main today to fulfill your
staking needs. For the cheapest rates on the market visit our Account rental page for more
information on account rentals we have on offer.
Swap gold: Convert your OSRS Gold into rs3 gold today! By simply using our gold swapping tool to
see the current conversion rates. Want more OSRS gold? Then simply swap your rs3 gold to OSRS!
It’s that simple. Visit out Swap Gold page and start swapping today!
Sell gold: Visit the sell gold part of our website to learn how to sell your RS3 and / or OSRS gold!
Sell cryptocurrencies
Visit the sell crypto part of our website to learn how to sell your cryptocurrencies!

Customer Disclaimer

Although the methods that Ariba Gold offers when selling OSRS Gold are some of the safest methods
on the market, Ariba Gold will not accept liability for any bans or infringements that may occur whilst
purchasing any of our services. Ariba gold will not accept liability for any gold lost by a customer
throughout their time playing runescape. Once your gold has been delivered safely to the account of
your choosing the gold is now YOUR responsibility.
Refunds will not be issued to any customer that has successfully purchased and received their order,
if you are looking to sell the gold in the future visit the SELL GOLD section of our website to receive a
quote for the desired amount you would like to sell.
Any customer that would like to raise a dispute regarding a sale made on our website can do so by
contacting our 24/7 Live Chat or by emailing us at: [email protected]