How Do I Place A Order?

To place an order, choose the desired amount of Runescape that you would like to buy and add them to your cart. After you have added them, check out with via our payment methods such as PayPal, G2A Pay, and Skrill.  Once you have completed your payment, start a live chat with one of our agents who will guide you into receiving your goods.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Currently, we accept Paypal, Skrill & G2A Pay.

How Do You Deliver My Order?

Orders are delivered directly to you using our live chat to communicate with an agent to discuss a meeting ground.  If you have any type of special requests, please ask one of our agent’s who will gladly assist you.

Is It Safe For Me To Purchase From Your Site?  Will I Get Banned?

It is very safe!  We have never had a customer banned in game for the purchase of any digital products/currency.

What Is Your Return Policy?

You may request to return your item by discussing it with one of our agents in a live chat.  However, after delivery has been completed in-game, there are no refunds or exchanges for store credit.

Is Verification Required?

If Paying via G2A Pay, verification is not required at all.  Otherwise, for smaller orders on our website, we do not require any type of verification.  However, for larger orders on our website, we may request additional documentation, including your payment activity, proof of identity, and other verification methods, to ensure that the transaction is authorized by the account holder. If you are unable to provide the requested information, we may refund your order. We reserve the right to refuse business to any user, at any time, for any reason.

How Long Will I Have To Wait For My Order After Sending The Payment?

After your order has been verified by our staff we will deliver the gold instantly. Feel free to contact the Live Chat support before placing your order to check that we are online and have gold in stock. If your order is not completed within 24 hours we will refund you in full.

I Have A Question Not Listed Here!

If you have anymore questions that are not listed feel free to contact us either through our live chat, which is accessible on the home page or through the contact for on the Contact Us page!

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All accounts must be linked with a phone number to ensure safety from chargebacks

Verification takes less than 30 seconds and only needs to be done once

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Verify Email

All accounts must be linked with an email to ensure safety from chargebacks

Verification takes less than 1 minute and only needs to be done once