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How to buy Runescape Old school bond?


Oct 14, 2021

How to buy osrs bond in-game ?

1. Log in your runescape account
2. Go to Grand Exchange
3. Right click to Grand Exchange Clerk.
4. Click Exchange
5. Offer to BUY items.
6. Type there Old school bond
7. Confirm your purchase and buy the bond.
8. Use the bond and click membership packages.
9. Select any options that you would like in the packages.
10. There you go! You can now login to the member worlds.


What can you do with Old school bonds ?

There are a few things you can do with osrs bonds. You can gift, sell, swap the bonds in-game. To buy Old school bonds you will need to have osrs gold. You can buy your osrs gold by clicking here.

You may also change your name with Old school bonds. Normally you can only change your name every month but if you buy old school bond you may change your in-game name anytime you would like to.By purchasing osrs bonds you can login to member worlds and to all premium members only areas. You will also unlock all the 23 skills on runescape from slayer to farming. You will also unlock 119 member-only quests and gaining more experience and items by being completing the quests.

If you don’t have osrs gold you can also buy the bond with real life currency you can buy on jagex’s site for 6.99 USD per bond. However we sell Old school bonds for cheaper than runescape’s official site find out more by clicking here. One bond costs around 3-4M Osrs Gold so that will be basicly 4 USD maximum don’t be a fool! Start saving money with aribagold!

After purchasing Old school bond trough jagex's offical website you can find it in your bond pouch which can be found at options tab.

When using 1 old school bond you will be member for 14 days and you can benefit from all the advantages while being member.

There are also many other advantages being member. You can start using special items in-game such as dragon claws you will just need 60 attack level to wear that weapon to find more about dragon claws please check here.

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